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Doula Services

"Birth isn't something we suffer, but something we actively do and exult in!" SHEILA KITZINGER.

 In the role of Doula, I provide hands-on, continuous labor support for a laboring person and their partner from the minute they think they need me until after the birth. Research shows that having a Doula is the most effective way to decrease your chance of delivering via cesarean surgery.

 My goal is to help you to help stage the best birth experience possible both as a Physical Therapist and a Doula. With my Physical Therapist hat on, prior to birthing, I can help prepare the pelvis by nurturing optimal alignment of joints and muscles, teaching pushing techniques and relieving pain throughout a pregnancy. . As a Doula I maintain alignment, support women in their birth choices and assist birth partners in pain relief and comfort during the birth. I believe a safe and satisfying birth will positively influence both mom and her family. Its important for women to feel supported and empowered during one of life's most meaningful experiences

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