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My Approach

I take a hands on approach with most of my patients. I feel that exercise is a great adjunct to my hands on approach, but my manual skills come first. Myofasical release is a large part of my hands on approach, which is a more gentle form of soft tissue work. Scar tissue work is another large part of my practice, no matter how old the scar or how unrelated it may seem, scar tissue needs attention. 

Kegels are a very small portion of my practice, though probably the most common thing people hear of when they think of exercise for the pelvic floor. My experience is most pelvic floor musculature needs unwinding of the tissue prior to exercise to get the most of strengthening. 

I also know that I can't do it all and work closely with several other practitioners to provide the best outcomes for my patients. This includes acupuncturists, massage therapists, OB/GYNs and midwives, urologiest, gastroenterologist, psychiatrists and so on. 

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