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Dr. Kacey Hutchins, PT, DPT

Pelvic Rehab Physical Therapist
Physical Therapy Services

Offering specialty Pelvic Rehab Physical Therapy services

Private Birth Prep Class

Offering individualized birth prep classes for a birthing mother and birth partner(s)

Doula Services

Offering individualized Birth Doula services to optimize your birthing experience

Professional Mentoring 

Offering individualized professional mentoring and program development, in-person and online.

Therapy Sessions
My Approach

I predominately use a hands on approach with the majority of my patients. Exercise is a great adjunct, but not the primary focus of my practice.

What to Expect

Sometime people are nervous or timid to at their first appointment, however, I hope to put you at ease and make this the most comfortable and informative piece of our work together.  Click below to read more about a  what a first appointment entails. 

About Me

I'm an MSPT graduate of Husson University to which I returned to complete my DPT (doctorate) work in Physical Therapy. To be completely honest, I never saw my career heading down the path of pelvic rehab, but I'm so grateful it did! I got completely addicted to pelvic rehab after my first post-doctorate training and have been to many courses since. I fell so deeply in love with my career I now teach pelvic rehab for PT students at Husson University as well as lab assisting at national pelvic training conferences. My goal is to empower people to take care of their musculoskeletal health, including the pelvis. 

Outside of work, I spend the majority of my time with my husband and two boys. We hike, we swim, kayak, basically anything outside in this beautiful area we get to call home!


My birth experience with Kacey present, to support and guide my husband and I, was nothing short of Amazing!! She knew how to help position my body to relieve stress and pain as well as continuous emotional support.

Leading up to my labor she was able to help with the discomfort I was feeling and taught me what to do to help myself at home on a daily basis to prepare.

I can honestly say my birth experience was improved tenfold because of Kacey and her dedication to women’s health. THANK YOU!! ❤️❤️

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